Light Up Your Weddings

Light Up Your Weddings
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Run Time: 146 minutes

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"LIGHT UP YOUR WEDDINGS .. with a speedlight , reflector & a little imagination."
Very excited to finally release our next BHP training DVD!

Over the years we have used larger lights on our shoots from Genesis GF400 lights to Elinchrom Rangers with over 1100 ws of power! Now for those of you that want to create stunning images on your weddings and only have a speedlight or two, a reflector and a couple of off camera triggers then this is the DVD for you! With over two hours of footage packed with information to help you take your winter & summer wedding imagery to a new level. No matter what your level then you will get something from this DVD.
A DVD that answers a lot of the questions you have about the wonderful world of wedding photography! Let me take you on this roller coaster of a ride using just a speedlight , Lastolite Ezy Box , Pocket Wizards , a reflector & a lot of imagination!
Taking a look at : Couple shots | Posing with the car |Speeches | Group shots – Bridal Party indoor & out | Ceremony and how to light it | First Dance | Table Details | Using Natural light & Reflector | Cutting the Cake | Sunlight & High Speed Flash and so much more..
These are simple techniques that you can execute with just a little thought and equipment. Sometimes we use an assistant in our own shooting but all of these techniques can be used with just a stand too. Learn the techniques that makes Brett Harkness one of the most creative and sought after wedding photographers of his generation. Take your own wedding photography to another level!

PLEASE READ: The License "Download to Own" allows you to Download the Content to 3 separate devices. Simply download the Flux Player for your device and login with the same email/password you used on the shop. Your content will appear within the Flux Player library for download directly into the Flux Player. The PC Version of the Flux Player can export/side-load copies to mobile devices and also optionally Burn to copy-protected DVD (if you purchased the Burn to DVD license). All licenses support downloading to 3 devices - PC/Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and Android mobile.

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