Creative Flash for the Bride & Groom
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Year: 2012
Run Time: 130 minutes
Size: 1.65 GB
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PLEASE READ: The License "Download to Own" allows you to Download the Content to 3 separate devices. On purchase - the system checks your device for a Flux Player, installs one if not present and then downloads the content. If you then goes back to the shop on another device and click the "My Content" on my website from there you can download a second licensed copy for that device with the same process as above but with only the need to login. Alternatively if you install Flux Player on a device, you can go to the Content/My Cloud Content dialog and download a copy of the movie (subject to the 3 device limit). An imminent release of the Flux Player will show your purchases, whether locally downloaded or available from the cloud, automatically within the Flux Player once you have provided your username/password credentials. The PC Version of the Flux Player can export/side-load copies to mobile devices and also optionally Burn to Copy Protected DVD (if the users has the Burn to DVD license). All licenses should support downloading to 3 devices - PC/Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and Android mobile.
Year: 2012
Genre(s): Photography
Studio(s): Brett Harkness Photography Studios
Director(s): Brett Harkness
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Available Licenses

US$ 27.39
US$ 31.13
Important: Burning to DVD requires Windows

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